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The Company

With the love and support of my family, I decided to dedicate myself to the care and enhancement of the lands that bear witness to the love and sacrifice of our grandparents.  It was a choice that I arrived at somewhat per chance, at a particular time in my life. Only then did I discover the empathy that binds me to nature: a feeling so intense as to push me and my family into this beautiful and exciting adventure.

Giuseppe Li Bassi


The aim of our company is show the true value of this island, as unique as it is magical both in the realms of nature and culture. Sicily is a magnificent island. The uniqueness of its history, its architecture and its landscapes and the potential in terms of the land make it a paradise to share and respect. 

With passion, enthusiasm and courage, Terre di Camico is dedicated to showing the true value of our typical agri-food products as well as all other intrinsically linked aspects.  

The close and deep relationship that links our typical products and their system of production with the land, is the inspiration behind our idea of showing the products’ true value, intended as a noble concept taking us beyond mere commercialisation. It is the land and its history, people and traditions that add to the quality of a local product. The intangible aspects summed up in geographical name, in the scents and the appearance which can only be a result of the local culture, the natural environment, and the craftsmanship and traditions of the manufacturing process: from sewing to harvesting, care is taken with every single element. 

The idea is to make Sicily a dream for those who haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, and for us “life is a dream and dreams only come true if they are cultivated with love, respect and sincerity.”

Tradition and Innovation

The union between the traditions of the land and the evolution of agronomic techniques is our strategy to revive the primary sector of agriculture: central not only for Sicily but for Italy as a whole. 

In a world which is now dominated by globalisation and governed by large-scale distribution, we have chosen to favour the short production chain and the zero km, allowing a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer. 

It is an alternative strategy that we decided to adopt because it gives the producers an active role in local production and in decentralised regional food systems; thus reducing intermediaries in the cultivation/production and marketing chains and the distance that the product itself travels. 

The aim is to allow the consumer to rediscover our land and the essence of its identity, creating a new relationship between rural and urban worlds. 


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