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Organic Italian Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our oil is already in production, cold pressed and bottled under the label of our company, “Terre di Camico”. It is characterised by the low acidity which forms the base of an elegant, fruity and light taste. It is an excellent oil, delicate on the palate, with a straw yellow colour and golden reflections.

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Growing organic (BIO) is a philosophy that doesn't only represent us, but rather defines us. We believe it’s necessary and essential to respect the natural fertility of the soil, using only substances which are natural in origin, in order to respect the environment and ecosystem. 

We think of organic agriculture as a way of life, that looks at the wellbeing of people in the same way as that of the environment. We like to describe it as a harmonious balance between the internal and external, between working the land and safeguarding biodiversity. 

Our concept is simple: to be a self-sufficient agricultural system, capable of drawing its sustenance exclusively from local resources, obtaining maximum yield in terms of soil fertility in an absolutely natural way. Creating a high-quality product with complete respect to the ecosystem in which we all live. This is the philosophy of our company. 

In keeping with that sense of belonging to the land that distinguishes us, we have decided to use only carefully selected raw materials. 

The certification

The family company has been certified organic since the 1990s and continues to reaffirm its constant commitment to this practice today. Moreover, in 2017 it obtained the D.O.P. Val di Mazara certification. This is a prestigious Protected Designation of Origin certification reserved only for extra virgin olive oil that meets certain requirements and conditions. To be awarded this certification, all olive production including cultivation, processing and packaging, must be carried out solely in specified areas of Western Sicily, and is reserved for the Biancolilla, Nocellara and Cerasuola olive varieties, which must be equal to a percentage of 95%. Too often products are created solely to be sold; our inspiration is to try to bring the relationship between man and nature back into balance.

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