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“Man finds his balance in nature”

Why Zero Waste

Our Roots

“The morning frost, the rising of the sun, the freshness of the air and the centuries-old charm of the first rays of sunlight shining through the trees: a few simple words, however with these, you can describe the beauty of an exclusive and almost enchanted world, the countryside. And like this, I fell in love with our landscape: the Sicilian landscape, inimitable and unique, yet so powerful as to be able to transmit serenity to man which, nowadays, seems to be a precious value, difficult to find in the chaos of a world that perhaps should just stop and breathe.” 

Giuseppe Li Bassi




Biancolilla: is the prized cultivar of the territory of Caltabelotta, said to be native to the location. It is found principally in the Western part of Sicily. It owes its name to the fact that the fruit goes from a light colour when unripe to a purple-red colour when ripe. 

Our Oil


Our oil is already in production, cold pressed and bottled under the label of our company,  Terre di Camico. It is characterised by the low acidity which forms the base of an elegant, fruity and light taste. It is an excellent oil, delicate on the palate, with a straw yellow colour and golden reflections. 

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Sicily is a magnificent island 

Scents, flavours and traditions of our land.

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